Monday, April 3, 2017


Teej Festival is also known as ‘the festival of swings’. The festival is celebrated with a lot of fervor in various parts of India. The festival reflects the rich culture and tradition of India. It mainly marks the reunion of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The festival involves a number of religious activities to be performed.
Celebration of Teej Festival involves a number of rituals and customs to be performed. Women observe the day by performing a Nirjala Vrat. They perform these rituals to pray for a healthy life for their husband. They pray to the Teej Mata for the well being of their husband. This festival acts as a medium for the women to portray their respect and devotion to their husband. Husbands in return gift them with various items as token of love.
Teej is a unique festival celebrated all over Rajasthan and some parts of North India, but the real fun and joy of this festival can be seen in Jaipur. Teej is dedicated to goddess Parvati and takes place on the onset of monsoon somewhere in the month of July – August. Jaipur celebrates the festival with lots of enthusiasm, women and young girls dress up with colourful clothes and accessorises with bangles and jewellery with mostly green colour as it symbolises freshness. Decorated swings are hung from trees in various gardens and lawns all over on which women and girls enjoy themselves and sing songs to welcome monsoon.


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