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One of the most colorful and the largest state of India Rajasthan “ Land of Kings “ is home to one the most dependable, personable inbound tours company of India “ Discovery Prime Tours”.
Steeped in history & tradition of the state each senior staff comes from generations of Rajputs who are descendants from princely lineages. Each guest is treated with Royalty in line with belief “AtithiDevoBhava“meaning“Each Guest is equivalent to God.
At Discovery Prime Tours we do not promise that your story will be the same as the next traveller but we promise you that besides visiting the Touristic sights, Palaces, Monuments, Temples, Wild life and many more. Your story will have a personal add on to connect with People of India in their normal lives.
We give you an experiential India journey with our unparalleled local knowledge & complete understanding of Global traveler.
Our young and energetic team with amazing positive attitude offers a wide range of holidays in India, Srilanka, Nepal, Bhutan & Maldives. We cater to individual or FIT travelers, Group Travel, Incentive Tours, Business Travelers and Special Interest & Cultural Tours. Our expertise gives you unbeatable value in packages for all budgets and we specialize with luxury travel.
Our Corporate office based in capital city of Jaipur, Rajasthan & our international marketing offices in Canada, USA & Mexico.

We are a corporate and leisure based travel Management Company located in down town Jaipur, and currently services a wide range of business and holiday clientele for their specific travel requirements. We are swift to respond to customer needs, skilled in our job performance and presentations, charming and courteous to our existing and potential customers, friendly in our approach to one and all, and most of all gentle in all that we do.
Discovery Prime Tours is a company dedicated to quality and growth. Beginning as a fledgling travel agent in 2005 with just three determined and dedicated executives and a handful of customers, Discovery Prime Tours has grown rapidly in the years since, acquiring, in the course of its career, many prestigious awards from airlines and air travel institutions around the world. Today, Discovery Prime Tours is a multi-divisional company with its own foreign exchange, visa / passport, conferences divisions.
Our Tours Division professionally manages foreign inbound tours to India for groups as well as individuals. We program and price our tours for our customers in manner that tailors not only to their budgets but to their inclinations as well, always ensuring to optimize their attractions while in India. The result of all this is a never-to-be-forgotten experience to all our customers. No wonder most of them decide to come back to India…and to us!
Come; explore our domain as we take you on a tour to some of the most exciting links on our exclusively designed web page. Check out our wide spectrum of colorful options and possibilities as you scan through the panoramic spectacle of our site. 

See the snow covered landscape of the Himalayas as its peaks rise towards the heavens, shoot the rapids through white water rafting on the Ganges at Risikesh and Shivpuri in northern India, party on the moonlit beaches of fun-time Goa under a canopy of stars and colored lanterns while the big sounds of India’s best bands will play for you, or simply laze away the sunny afternoons cruising on Kerala’s nature-rich backwaters where a tableaux of whispering coconut palms, white sand beaches, elephant herds, and thick lush greenery seductively glide past you.


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